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Weed Wars

DVR Alert; Discovery Channel premieres WEED WARS December 1

For the first time on television, a weekly series takes an up close and personal look at the controversial business of medicinal cannabis as WEED WARS premieres in a simulcast on Thursday, December 1 at 10PM E/P on Discovery Channel and Discovery Fit & Health.

WEED WARS follows Oakland's Harborside Health Center, the nation's largest medicinal cannabis dispensary serving over 94,000 patients. The man behind Harborside is founder and executive director Steve DeAngelo whose mission is to provide the best possible product to his diverse client base of patients while using his business to educate the rest of the country about the full regulation and taxation of medicinal cannabis.

"WEED WARS fearlessly documents the hot button issue of medicinal cannabis. During filming at Harborside, the series captures the real life drama and high stakes of the business as government scrutiny and audits threaten to shut down operations -- you cannot get anymore 'real' than that," said Nancy Daniels, executive vice president of production and development for Discovery Channel.

Snoop Dog has recorded the title track for the series and you can check it out over at