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Victoria, Canada: Victorious Medical Marijuana Ruling

Cannabis Dispensaries meet with Health Canada Officials on Marihuana Medical Access Program

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 -- Montreal, QC

Representatives of Canada’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, also known as “compassion clubs”, met with Health Canada officials today in Montreal as part of the Government’s consultation process to discuss much needed amendments to the federal Marihuana Medical Access Program.

In 1999, Health Canada established the Marihuana Medical Access Program to provide seriously ill Canadians suffering from grave and debilitating illnesses with access to a legal source of dried cannabis for medical purposes. Over the years there have been numerous problems associated with the Program and the ability of patients to access cannabis for their medical conditions.

Green Party proves ahead of the curve on Canada's marijuana laws

TORONTO, ONTARIO --(April 13, 2011) - The Green Party has advocated for years for the only sensible marijuana policy - legalization - and today's Ontario court ruling that the nation's medical marijuana program is unconstitutional supports this position, says Green Party candidate for Toronto-Danforth, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu.

"Prohibition is not working. A better approach is to legalize, tax and regulate its growth and use, and educate and encourage Canadians to not get involved with marijuana in the first place," says Ms. Mugnatto-Hamu.

Today's ruling by Ontario Superior Court Justice Donald Taliano in favour of St. Catherines' Matthew Mernagh - who suffers from several illnesses that are most effectively treated with marijuana - gives the Federal government three months to address issues he sees with the Canadian laws surrounding marijuana use for medicinal purposes. The ruling also effectively strikes down Canada's laws prohibiting the possession and cultivation of marijuana.